Lorna McLendon

Posted on July 7, 2017 at 6:02 pm

My name is Lorna McLendon, and I was diagnosed with T1D in August of 2006 at age 4. I attended Fall Family weekend that very year after my mom found SDES online. I’ve been going to camp ever since. My first year as a Junior camper I received the Best First Time Camper award and this past summer (2016), I received my 10-year attendance award from Camp Seale Harris!

I LOVE CAMP! I get to see my friends, and we have so much fun! We swim, tube, and horseback ride. My favorite thing at camp is this huge waterslide that goes down a steep hill.  It’s fun! At camp, I don’t feel like I’m the only kid in the world with diabetes. I fact, I feel like I don’t even have diabetes at all!

I’ve learned so much about how to care for myself at camp. I learned to pull insulin into a syringe, carb counting, and the first time I self-injected was at camp. Most importantly, I’ve learned that this disease shouldn’t, and can’t, keep me from doing anything. Some kids who have never been to camp think that diabetes does keep them from doing things.

Outside of camp, I am very busy. I take voice lessons, and I have studied piano for six years. I also perform with Pensacola Children’s Chorus. I love music. I’ve even had the honor of making it to the State level in voice. I also work throughout the year with my mom raising money for camp. Over the years, my friends and family have donated thousands of dollars to help families who cannot afford camp. Mom says camp saved this family, and it’s important to me that I help other families find a happy, safe place for their children to learn to live a healthy lifestyle. And, it’s SO MUCH FUN to soak a counselor.

I’m an honor roll student, and my favorite subjects in school are history and music. I enjoy playing around on the piano, art, being on the water, and travel.

Hey…..  Hooo… Camp Seale Harris Has SOUL!

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