Board and Staff

The SDES family is comprised of generous and supportive individuals, families, alumni, volunteers, donors, civic organizations, corporate sponsors, and leadership who share the common bond of caring and serving children and teens living with diabetes and their families. Over 375 people volunteer each year to make our many diabetes camps and community programs successful, including Board of Directors, physicians, nurses, NPs, certified diabetes educators, pharmacists, nutritionists, students, counselors, and activity leaders. SDES Community Leaders lead and assist with fundraising and family activity events.

SDES Board of Directors


Matthew Munson, Chair
Tip McAlpin, Chair Emeritus
Katie Hester, RN, Vice-Chair
Mike Shelton, Treasurer
Cindy Freeman, Secretary


Taylor Caffey, MD, Medical Director
Hannah Chadee
Angela Turner Crawford
Kyle Crawford
Brigitte George
Stephanie Jordan, MBA
Mary Annette Hess, PHD
Anne-Marie Kaulfers, MD
Rebecca Lee, PharmD
Enga McLendon
Tip McKnight, MD
Ava Mitchell, CRNP
Mary Oliver
Julia Pacheco
Wilson Hollifield
Heather Whitley, PharmD

Advisory Board

Gus Gary, Chair Emeritus
Dennis Pillion, PhD
Condit Steil, PharmD
Quinton Gurley, MD
Stacy Schneider


Rhonda McDavid, Executive Director
John Latimer, Camp & Community Programs Director
Mary Ellen Dixon, Program & Communications Manager
Amanda Jordan, Assistant Camp Director
Angie Teague, Registrar

Community Outreach

Jodie Fidler, Mobile/Baldwin Co.
Maria Martin, Pensacola/NW Florida